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About World Textile Summit 2011

The first World Textile Summit was a unique one-day event that brought together textile-industry leaders and some of the world’s most influential thinkers and policymakers in strategically important fields such as economics, trade, technology and sustainability. Its inspirational, forward-looking agenda, comprising expert presentations and interactive panel discussions, was designed to offer a global perspective on the opportunities and challenges that face the textile industry in years ahead, providing delegates with new ideas to maintain their success in the textile manufacturing and supply chain. The World Textile Summit is the first joint initiative between CEMATEX, the owner of the world’s leading textile machinery exhibition, ITMA, and the International Textile Manufacturers Federation, in partnership with the World Textile Information Network and MP International. It took place in Barcelona, Spain, on 21st September 2011 – the day before the opening of ITMA 2011, which was the 60th Anniversary edition of the show, and the day after the ITMF Annual Conference.


ITMA, the world’s largest international textile and garment machinery show, is recognised as the ‘Olympics’ of the textile and garment machinery industry. Held every four years at different venues across Europe, it is owned by CEMATEX, the European textile machinery manufacturers association. www.itma.com


The International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) is an international association for the world’s textile industries, dedicated to keeping its worldwide membership constantly informed through surveys, studies and publications and through the organisation of annual conferences, participating in the evolution of the industry’s value chain and publishing considered opinions on future trends and international developments. www.itmf.org


World Textile Information Network (WTiN), formerly known as World Textile Publications (WTP), is a global textile news and information provider whose beginnings can be traced back more than a century. It’s magazines are recognised for their authority and market-leading coverage and in recent years it has developed a complementary range of electronic media and special publications. This clear industry focus means WTiN has become an integral part of the textile community, providing the highest-quality information and now leveraging an innovative online technology platform to deliver next-generation strategic intelligence for textile industry executives. www.wtin.com

MP International

Established in 1987, MP International specialises in organising exhibitions, conferences and special events. The group has organised and managed some 300 national, regional and international events, including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2009 Leaders’ Week. It is a leading international organiser of trade exhibitions, including ITMA and ITMA Asia. MP International is headquartered in Singapore with a global footprint across Asia and Europe. www.mpinetwork.com

PO Box 248, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Tel: +44 7967 477305
Web: www.itma.com

Int. Textile Manufacturers Federation
Wiedingstrasse 9, CH-8055 Zürich
Tel: +41 44 283 63 80
Web: www.itmf.org

MP International Pte Ltd
20 Kallang Ave, 2nd Floor,
Pico Creative Centre, Singapore 339411
Tel: +65 6393 0212
Web: www.mpinetwork.com

World Textile Information Network
Perkin House, 1 Longlands Street,
Bradford, UK, BD1 2TP
Tel: +44 1274 378800
Web: www.wtin.com

World Textile Summit | Barcelona | 21st September 2011

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